Do YOU have problems getting a clean shave, like I do?

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How often have we all seen TV advertisements on how the revolutionary new razor or shaving gel would give us a clean and smooth shave? Yet after trying all these products, we still get razor burns, cuts and nicks - leaving shaving a whole unpleasant experience!

Unless you are someone who loves to keep a beard or any hair growth on the lower part of your face, or your other half enjoys the prickly sensation when they get close and personal, shaving is something that we all have to do. And regularly.

So why not enjoy something that we have to do constantly?

I have hair growth that actually requires that I should shave at least once a day, to keep up appearances. But whenever I tried doing that each time, my face is left looking like a battlefield with numerous cuts or reddish patches (razor burns). Not only was it painful, it was embarrassing!

Having spent years researching and scouring all information sources from the Internet to publications on the subject, I have tried hundreds of different methods (and not to mention, products!) to get that perfect shave - that ONE Clean Shave.

This site will be the one-stop portal for all that useful information on shaving. And shaving methods that I have tried not only on myself, but many other thousands individuals have done as well. I hope you find some great tips on how to shave, and enjoy it in the process.

Here's to a Clean Shave!
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